Introduction To Making Money Online

Passive income, a dream to many but it’s not as hard to capture, but what exactly is it?

Imagine wakening up every morning and realizing that you have made money while you are sleeping. It would be amazing wouldn’t it? This is passive incomMake Money Computer Keye and to put it simply it means when you stop work the income will still come rolling in.

Is it possible, though?

Good news, it is extremely likely, but there is so much confusion around the term. Success becomes easier as your business grows but at the start, you have to put a bit of work in, and it can take up to 3 months to see any results.

If you can stick it out, you will reap the benefits. The waiting it out is when most fail because they give up and move on to the next new method they find.

How can you actually get started, though…

Introducing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the way most people enter the internet marketing world, simply because it is the easiest to begin with. In it’s simplest form a marketer will share a link with their customers, this could be via a website/blog/social media or their email list.

When someone visits the vendors link and buys their product, the affiliate will earn a commission, and these can be quite decent earnings. So you can see how easy it is to begin.

Get A Blog

This is by far the easiest way to jump into the industry, pick an interest you have and promote products as well as produce high-quality content to share to build trust with your readers.

Setting a blog up nowadays is an easy affair, get some hosting from the likes of Bluehost, Hostgator or Just Host. Most hosting companies will offer you a domain name with your purchase, and this is basically your web address, your online real estate.

Again provided by the hosting company is WordPress and this can be installed with the click of a button, so no technical learning curves.

Before you go any further you will need traffic and for that I can highly recommend that you check out My Funnel Empire review. This will help you make money but also help you drive traffic.

Getting Paid

Once you have your blog up and running and got your content which could be tips, tricks or information geared at guiding your audience into a sales funnel if you have a product but if you are an affiliate it will be an affiliate sales funnel.


Bringing customers into your funnel means that you place them on your mailing list, your virtual cash machine as it grows. When you have a list that trusts you but more importantly buys from you, you can pretty much earn money on demand.

Like mentioned it can take a while to get to this stage but it changes your business and increases your long term value.

The funnel will usually start with a lead magnet which is used to bribe people on to your mailing list. As the subscriber joins the list, they will be added to an autoresponder sequence.

An autoresponder is a group of content that get’s sent out at pre-set intervals.

By doing this, the affiliates can build trust and connection with their subscribers. When you trust someone, it is easier to part with your cash. This is why the email list is so valuable… it’s easier to sell to a previous customer than to a new client.

Wrap It Up

So there you have it, a quick introduction into an internet marketing business. More like an overview, but we are only scraping the tip of the business. In this blog, I aim to share a lot more tips to help you into the world of marketing and passive income.

So, for now, folks, thanks for reading!


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